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Year 4

Week 18/10/21






Collective Worship


Practise ‘long ladder’ letters: l, h, k and this week’s spelling words.

Reading Plus



Lesson 1

Our wonderful world 1

Genesis 15, 16 + 21 

What can this video teach us about growing our faith in God?



Lesson 2

Our wonderful world 2

How can you be a reliable friend? Write a friendship recipe.


More and less

Lesson 3

Our wonderful world 3

The story teaches us that the more we communicate with God the more we learn to trust him. Write your own prayer.


More and less

Lesson 4

Our wonderful world 4



Rounding to the nearest 100

Lesson 5

Our wonderful world 5

Look back at all that you have done this week - why are you a 'Star of the Week'?


Additional work can be found on Mymaths 

Homework each week is spellings, times tables and reading. 

Weekly maths homework times tables 

Times tables

In the summer, all year 4 children take part in the times table check when they are tested on their knowledge of all times tables. At the start of year 4 all children should be fluent in the times table facts (out of order) for all the 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x. 

Test yourself on your times table knowledge try to get 23/25!

You can use these websites to help you learn your tables:




Hit the button


Times table test generator


Maths games and resources online 

Reading weekly homework

It is our expectation that all children read at home 5 times a week this can be a combination of reading plus and school or home reading books. Your child's reading record and reading plus account should show that they have read 5 times each week. Please also log on to reading plus using the link below

Weekly spellings - click on the pencil below