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School Parliament

School Parliament


We are very proud of our school Parliament and the hard work and commitment that they show in making our school a better place.


Each week the children have a weekly meeting, reviewing any ideas past onto them by class peers and choosing which ones they would like to act upon or put into motion.

This term we shall be reforming our new parliament and as part of this our year 6 parliament members will be invites to make a speech on why they would like to be the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, then the rest of the parliament will elect their leaders. The rest of the parliament members will be assigned the other ministerial roles such as Economy, Media and Sports, International Equality, Justice and Curriculum Ministers.

Once elected, our new parliament will spend Term 1 becoming familiar with the Ministerial role that they had been designated and how they can fulfil these roles.


Our parliament carries out weekly, fortnightly or monthly duties and then report back any findings or problems. They also debate ideas and events to raise money for the schools partnered charity.

School Parliament 2018/2019 in Pictures