St. Barnabas Church of England Primary School

Through our Christian ethos and values we hold dear, we are creating roots to grow and wings to fly

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School Values

Our Values – Walking in the footsteps of Jesus



Saint Barnabas Primary School is founded upon core values. Although Christians have many values the school focuses upon Honesty, Kindness, Co-operation, Friendship and Determination. These values were selected by the extended St. Barnabas family. Children, parents, Governors and staff all chose their top five Christian values. The Worship Council then determined which five the school would focus upon.


To support our school values, the themes for Collective Worship are changed each half term and reflect values to support the social, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of our children. Our principal values of friendship, kindness, determination, forgiveness, honesty and co-operation are also explored, deciding what is distinctively Christian about these particular values. Also, many other values are explicitly taught throughout the school day such as; respect, courage, trust and appreciation.




Cooperation - Trust and Forgiveness




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