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How do we teach children with SEND?



We use assessment in order to monitor and track individual progress.  The Birmingham SEN toolkits are used to assess progress for pupils with with cognition and learning difficulties who are working significantly below the level  of their peers. We use teacher assessment, previous and current data, comparisons to national data and information provided by parents and the child to build a picture of strengths as well as barriers to learning.


We use pre and post assessment in order to effectively monitor additional interventions to ensure that they are matched to the child’s needs.  We regularly review provision to ensure that barriers to learning are being removed and children are making progress.


Where the school believes a child needs additional assessment, this will done in consultation with parents or carers and consent sought.




Once assessed, we will agree an individual support plan for the child.  This will be done by the SENCO, class teacher and support staff.  We will agree targets, provision, strategies and timescales for monitoring progress.  Parents or carers will be informed of this and school will share any strategies or resources that can be used to support the child at home.




The class teacher remains responsible for working with the child on a day-to-day basis. They retain responsibility even where the interventions may involve group or one-to-one teaching away from the main class. They will work closely with the SENCO and teaching assistants to plan and assess the impact of support and interventions and make links with classroom teaching.




The class teacher, SENCO and teaching assistant will review the child’s progress regularly to ensure that progress is being made and will adapt or change the provision in order to effectively respond to the child’s needs.  Parents or carers, along with the child, will be consulted about any necessary changes.