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Online Learning Timetable - 11th October 2021


 HandwritingPhonicsMathsReadingTopicCollective Worship
MWrite your name



Lesson 6 - Reception - YouTube

Lesson 1

Sorting a collection of objects

Snuggle up with your home reader.  Can you talk about what is happening?


Features of our face.

Using a mirror can you name all the parts of your face?

Now can you draw your face.

This week's theme is "Thankfulness"

How does the harvest inspire you and others to show gratitude?  What are you thankful/grateful for?  Draw a picture.


Write "i"

How to write the letter 'i' | Improve Your Handwriting - YouTube



Lesson 7 - Reception - YouTube


Lesson 2

Sorting a collection of objects in different ways  

Try logging onto Activelearnprimary

Reading Time 


In this lesson we are going to explore colour.

What are the primary colours?  What are the secondary colours.  It would be really good if you have some paints ready.  You only need red, yellow and blue.

The Color Wheel - YouTube

Today's song is "Who put the colours in the rainbow".

Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow lyric video - YouTube



Write "n"

How to write the letter 'n' | Improve Your Handwriting - YouTube


Lesson 8 - Reception - YouTube


Lesson 3

Sorting concrete objects to form sets

Reading Time 


The story of Harvest

CBeebies | What is Harvest Festival? | My First Festivals - YouTube

What does it mean to be thankful?

What Does it Mean to Be Thankful? (FOR KIDS!) - YouTube



Write "m"

How to write the letter 'm' | Improve Your Handwriting - YouTube



Lesson 9 - Reception - YouTube


Lesson 4

Sorting pictures to form a set

Reading Time 

PD - Fine Motor

Using playdough or plasticine.  Can you make a basket of harvest fruit?

Today's song is "Cabbages and Greens"

Harvest Samba (Cabbages and Greens) [with lyrics for congregations] - YouTube


Write "d"

How to write the letter 'd' | Improve Your Handwriting - YouTube

i n m d

Lesson 5 - Reception - YouTube


Lesson 5

 Matching pairs of identical objects

Reading Time 


Find a space to join in with yoga time.

Yoga Time! | On The Farm | Cosmic Kids - YouTube

Think about what it would be like to not have any food or water.  What must those people feel like.  Say a prayer.  Can you donate some food to your nearest church or food bank?


Online Learning Timetable- 18th October 2021







Collective Worship




Write your name

Recap your phonics learning so far!

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d

Can you find objects around your home, that have the sounds above at the beginning, middle or end? Practise writing these letters.

Lesson 1-  Recognise, describe and copy colour and size patterns

Reading time- Log in and begin reading with Active Learn


What are the senses?

Watch the video and think carefully about your senses.

Go outside or take a walk around your home and record what you can see, smell, hear and touch. Draw pictures of all the things you can hear, see, smell, taste and touch.

This week, we continue to focus on the theme of ‘gratitude’.

What does it mean to be thankful?







How to write the letter 'g'


Lesson 11- Learn to read 'g'

Lesson 2-  Recognise, describe and copy and extend colour and size patterns

Reading Time


Using your knowledge of senses, create a piece of artwork that celebrates this!

Find materials or things around your home/garden to create a piece of artwork to represent our senses.

You might gather things that you can see and touch, such as grass, leaves and sticks. What else could you include/draw/paint? (e.g. noisy birds/insects that you could hear, beautiful flowers that you could smell).

We can’t wait to see your brilliant artwork!

Think of all the things you are thankful for, at home and at school.

Draw a picture or write/say a prayer.







How to write the letter 'o'


Lesson 12- Learn to read 'o'

Lesson 3-  Create and describe colour and size patterns

Reading Time


Black History-

Encourage discussion:

-describe your hair

-describe your skin

-describe your hobbies

-describe your favourite food

Now think carefully about your friends- What do they look like? What are their favourite foods and hobbies? We are all different and that’s what makes us special!

Discuss similarities and differences between you and your friends.

Draw a picture of you and your friends at school.

Join in with this beautiful worship song and say thanks to God for being our great, big God.

Our God is a Great Big God



How to write the letter 'c'

Lesson 13- Learn to read 'c'

Lesson 4-  Create colour or size patterns

Reading Time


Get ready for some exciting exercise deep in the jungle!

Jungle Exercise Time!

Bible Story- Thankfulness

How did Jesus encourage those around him to be thankful?






How to write letter 'k'

Lesson 14- Learn to read 'k'

Lesson 5-

Recap on yesterday’s learning- Can you make your own repeated pattern? Find objects around your home and have a go!

Create a picture and think about making patterns linked to, shape, size or colour.

Reading Time


Fine motor-

How quickly can you button, zip or fasten your coats and jackets? Time yourself- can you beat your previous time?

Gross Motor-

Sit on a chair. Hold the side of the chair with each hand. Use your hands to push yourself off the chair!


Think about all that you have to be grateful for.

Light a candle and say a special thank you to God for all the wonderful things in your life.

Reception Words

How many of these words can you read?

Phase 2

Phase 3