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Through our Christian ethos and values we hold dear, we are creating roots to grow and wings to fly

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Code of conduct

St Barnabas Parent and Carer Code of Conduct


At St Barnabas we 'encourage one another and build each other up'

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)


Our parent / Carer code of conduct ensures that all the staff, families and children are able to work together in harmony to ensure all flourish at our school. By choosing to send your child to our school it is assumed that you agree to support us and adhere to the Parent/ Carer Code of Conduct.

Parents and carers are expected to:

  • Follow and support our school aims, ethos and values
  • Support their child in adhering to the pupil code of conduct (see separate document)
  • Adhere to the parent/ carer code of conduct
  • Work with staff and inform the school of any changes in circumstances that may affect their child’s behaviour
  • Discuss any behavioural concerns with the class teacher promptly


Our school rules - Ready, Respectful, Safe

These are essential to creating a calm and safe environment to enable staff to work and for all our pupils to learn and grow. We expect all our pupils, staff, parents, carers and governors to support and model these rules


Parents and carer expectations – ready for school and to learn:

  • Teaching independent self-care skills at home as soon as is appropriate (using a knife and fork, putting on coats, doing up zips, getting changed for PE, shoe laces and toileting).
  • Ensure your child attends school on time and in the correct uniform.
  • Ensure your child has everything they need to learn including reading diaries.
  • Ensure your child access and attempts homework set.
  • Support your child with their learning by practising spellings, reading, times tables etc.
  • Encourage your child to read regularly either listen to them read or read to them to help them develop and love of reading.



Parents and carer expectations – respectful:

•     Promoting respectful behaviour in their families.

  • Promoting the use of manners at home - please and thank you
  • Communicating with school in a calm and respectful way.
  • Respect that school decisions are made with the best interest of the pupils.
  • Respect the school rules and encourage your child to follow to them.
  • Respect and value education and support your child to make the most of their time at our school.


Parents and carer expectations – safe:

  • Promoting safe walking to school and crossing roads using school crossing.
  • Supporting safe behaviour in school through listening the first time.
  • Promoting the safe use of scissors and cutlery at home.
  • Support the use of words and not physical contact as the way to solve conflict.
  • Developing awareness of other people needs and consider others.
  • Safe parking around school