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Parent Representative Governor: Mrs Philippa Deeley

Parent Representative Governor: Mrs Philippa Deeley


Full name:Philippa Deeley
Category of GovernorParent Governor
Appointed byParent appointed by GB/board due to no election candidates
Term of office/date elected25/10/2023
Relevant business interests – involvement in governance of any other educational establishmentsNone
Pecuniary interests (material interests arising from relationships between governors and/or governors and staff including spouses, partners, close relatives)None
Relevant skills and expertise you are bringing to the role of governor.

I work for a community charity with a heavy focus on operational HR issues from recruitment to disciplinaries and resolving conflict. I am very much a people person and pride myself on being able to communicate well at all levels. 

Why I wanted to be a GovernorI have a son on Year 3 and am keen to learn more about the strategic direction of the school