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Children's Code of Conduct





St Barnabas Pupil Code of Conduct

We 'encourage one another and build each other up' to be our best selves

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)


Our pupil code of conduct ensures that all the children, staff and families and are able to work together in harmony to ensure all flourish at our school. We teach children how to show our values in their behaviour and have a positive impact on others through what they say and do.


Our school rules - Ready, Respectful, Safe

These are essential to creating a calm and safe environment to enable staff to work and for all our pupils to learn and grow.


Pupil expectations – ready for school and to learn:

  • Attend school on time and in the correct uniform with equipment or PE kit as needed.
  • Enter classrooms ready to learn, calmly and quietly.
  • By following instructions, the first time and stop when we are told.
  • By having the right attitude to learning and engage actively with lessons.
  • Doing the best the first time and take pride in work.
  • Read at home regularly and complete homework set (see school expectations).

Pupil expectations – respectful:

  • Show respect for themselves, other pupils, staff, families and their community.
  • Listening to others when they are talking and talk to others calmly and with respect
  • Respect people’s views, faiths, cultures, beliefs and differences.
  • Walk sensibly and letting others pass and holding the doors for each other.
  • Using manners for example saying please and thank you.
  • Respect the right to learn and the effort it takes to learn and grow.
  • Respecting quiet spaces and using inside voices inside.
  • Looking after and using equipment and property respectfully and carefully.
  • Picking up litter and respect and care for the school and environment.


Pupil expectations – safe:

  • Walking to school safely and crossing roads using school crossing.
  • Being safe by listening the first time, following instructions and using equipment safely.
  • Walking around school and behind each other in a line.
  • Watching where we run outside and playing without hurting others.
  • Using words and not physical contact as the way to solve disagreements.


Please see details of these expectations below:






St Barnabas Pupil Code of Conduct








A: Excellent

B: Good

C: Requires Action

D: Cause for concern

Ready to learn

I am keen to learn at all times.  I listen well and I work well on my own and with others.   I willingly contribute to lessons, am motivated and often use my own initiative. I respond well to feedback and face challenges and well. I demonstrate determination and resilience. I try my best, take pride in my work and through my actions and words encourage others to do the same. I am a role model for our school values.

I am motivated and like to contribute to lessons and complete tasks set.  I respond well to challenges and don’t give up easily.  
I try to practise what I have learned.  I respond positively to advice given and act upon it to advance my learning. I show our school values.

I need to be more actively engaged in my learning.  I am unsure how to approach challenges and I sometimes find it difficult to respond to the advice I am given.  As a result, I do not make as much progress as I could. I need to think out how our values can help me improve.

I do not engage in learning and lack motivation. I make no attempt at a challenge and do not follow the advice that may help me to make a start.  As a result, my learning is limited.


Everyone can see that I am really proud to be a member of St Barnabas School.

I model our values and help others show our values through my actions and words. I take pride in my time at school, my education, my environment and the people around me.

I show  I am proud to be a member St Barnabas School.

I value my time at school, my education, my environment and the people around me. I show our values, use manners and speak to people respectfully.

I do not show that I am proud to be a member of St Barnabas School. I need to show our school values.
I need to value my time at school, my education, my environment and the people around me at all times.

I am not proud to be a member of  St Barnabas School.

I do not value my time at school, my education, my environment or the people around me.


My behaviour is safe and a I am a good role model to others. I model our school values and through my words and actions, I help others understand and show our values and safe behaviour.

My behaviour is safe. I follow school rules and show our values. I play safely with others, walk around school safely and sensibly. I play safely and use equipment safely.

I need to remember how to be safe around school and in the playground. I need to think more about how to show our school values. I need to take greater care with equipment and think about how to work and play safely with others.

My behaviour is unsafe to myself or others.  I need to stop and think about my words and actions and ensure my behaviour does not hurt myself or others.