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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


English and Reading

Autumn 1: Flat Stanley and The Little Shoemaker
Autumn 2: Lost and Found and Can a penguin ride a bike?
Spring 1: The twits

Spring 2: Stone Age Boy

Summer 1: Deep, dark wood

Summer 2: Little people, big dreams series


Autumn 1: Place value and multiplication facts

Autumn 2: Addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, place value and statistics

Spring 1: Multiplication and division, shape, measure

Spring 2: Measure, money, time intervals, positional language, multiplication and division

Summer 1: Addition and subtraction

Summer 2: Teaching misconceptions



Autumn 1: The Seven Continents

Autumn 2: Explorer

Spring 1: Europe

Spring 2: Pre-historic Britain

Summer 1: Weather

Summer 2: Women who changed the world



Autumn 1: Materials

Autumn 2: Changing shape

Spring 1: Growing plants

Spring 2: Habitats

Summer 1: Living things

Summer 2: Feeding and exercising



Autumn 1: God and Diwali

Autumn 2: Incarnation

Spring 1: Creation

Spring 2: Salvation

Summer 1: Gospel

Summer 1: Charity and Ramadan & Eid-Ul-Fit



Spring project


Our next topic is pre-historic Britain!

-Make a model of a weapon

-Create a timeline showing the stone age, bronze age, iron age and ice age

-Write a set of instructions explaining how to light as fire and explain what a fire was useful for



Each week you will receive:

Spelling detective sheet

Fact family of the week sheet

Purple mash activity sent to your 'To dos'


You will also have the opportunity to change your home reader once a week which you should be reading at home every week.

Planners need to be signed by parents every week.


Each half term holiday, you will have an optional project to complete, to be given in during the first week back after each holiday. They can be presented in any way you wish: writing, artwork, presentations, models - the sky's the limit!

They are as follows:

October half term: Find out and present about an explorer of your choice.


Useful websites: - children have a purple mash login - children have a TTRS login









Spring 2


In Maths this half-term Year 2 will be looking at Statistics including tally charts, pictograms and bar diagrams. We will also go on to look at both 2D and 3D shape..


In English we will be studying a visual text called, “Marshmallows.” This can be found at


Our RE topic will be Salvation and we will be answering the Big Question, “Why does Easter matter to Christians?”

Our Exploration topic will be Life in Africa.

Our Science topic will be Changing Shape.


Here are links to some useful websites.


Optional homework will be sent home on Friday 2nd March 2018.