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Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wednesdays are now a day for your wellbeing.

Wellbeing means your mental health, physical health, your creativity and your ability to reflect and be positive. 

Mrs Grice and Miss Arnold will launch Wellbeing Wednesdays at 9:45am on Microsoft Teams.

The timetable for Wellbeing Wednesdays can be found below, as well as the links for any music or websites you might need. 

Email address:

Wellbeing Wednesday Activities Spring 2, Weeks 1- 3

Spring 2, Week 1, Week Beginning 22nd February 

20 Minute Winter Workout Challenge

Perfect Pasta Project Ideas

Spring 2, Week 2, Week Beginning 1st March 

Useful Links:


Story Yoga Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures 🚀 - YouTube


Brilliant Books: Book Trailer Instructions How to Make Your Own Book Trailer (for Kids) | Imagination Soup


Where's Wally Wall

We want to create a big display of all our favourite book characters in the style of a Where's Wally page. Please draw, colour or paint your favourite fictional character - it might be the Gruffalo, the Very Hungry Caterpillar or Morrigan Crow - the choice is yours! We want all the characters to be roughly the same size, so your drawing or painting needs to fill half a side of A4 paper (if your drawing is too tiny it will get 'lost' in the display). Please cut out the character when it is finished, write the character's name on the back as well as your name and class and bring it back into school on Monday 8th March.


Please do not draw Where's Wally - we already have him!

Characters Creations: Year group projects

Spring 2, Week 3, Week Beginning 8th March

Finger Painting Ideas

Helpful Resources and Links

Week Beginning 25th January 2021


Week beginning 1st February

Happy Feet - Happy Song

Draw this song - Mozart - you don't have to listen to it ALL the way through, this is 8 minutes worth of a 24 minute piece of music!


Week beginning 8th February 2021

Listen to life and BREATHE - Rainforest Sounds - There is an hour of sounds on this track, you can listen to as much or as little of it as you like BUT make sure you're lying with your eyes closed and concentrating on your breathing NOT watching the video!