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Subject Overviews

Exploration and Science Units

Below is a table showing the coverage of topics in each year group for Science and Exploration lessons. Exploration lessons are predominantly focused on knowledge acquisition for Geography and History. 




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1


Topic Title: Birmingham

Science: Types of Animals & Seasons

Topic Title: The Seven Continents

Science: Habitats

Topic Title: The Seven Wonders of The World

Science: What Plants Need

Topic Title: Romans In Britain

Science: Grouping Living Things

Topic Title: Crime and Punishment

Science: Forces


Topic Title: World War II

Science: Classifying Living Things

Autumn 2


Topic Title: Moon Landing

Science: Parts of Animals & Seasons

Topic Title: Explorers

Science: Living Things

Topic Title: Biomes

Science: Parts of Plants

Topic Title: World War I

Science: Sound

Topic Title: Civil Rights

Science: Materials

Topic Title: World War II

Science: Light & Sound

Spring 1

Topic Title: London

Science: Seasons & Identifying Materials

Topic Title: Europe

Science: Use of Materials

Topic Title: Shang Dynasty & China

Science: Movement and Feeling

Topic Title: Japan

Science: Electricity

Topic Title: Vikings

Science: Earth & Space

Topic Title: Frozen Planet

Science: Changing Circuits

Spring 2


Topic Title: The Plague and the Great Fire of London

Science: Seasons & Comparing Materials

Topic Title: Prehistoric Britain

Science: Feed & Exercise

Topic Title: The Water Cycle

Science: Rocks and Soils

Topic Title: Rivers and Mountains

Science: Changes of State

Topic Title: Volcanoes & Earth Quakes

Science: Separating Mixtures

Topic Title: Frozen Planet

Science: Evolution & Inheritance


Summer 1


Topic Title: The United Kingdom

Science: Seasons & Plants

Topic Title: Women who Changed the World

Science: Changing Shape

Topic Title: Floods and Droughts

Science: Magnets and Forces


Topic Title: South America

Science: Dangers to Living Things


Topic Title: Northern & Central America and the Mayans

Science: Life Cycles


Topic Title: Titanic

Science: Our Bodies


Summer 2


Topic Title: The Seaside

Science: Seasons

Topic Title: Weather

Science: Growing Plants

Topic Title: Ancient Greeks Vs Ancient Egyptians

Science: Light and Shadow

Topic Title: Anglo Saxons in Britain

Science: Human Nutrition

Topic Title: Brilliant Brummies

Science: Types of Change

Topic Title: Titanic

Science: RSE