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Staff Representative Governor:

Staff Representative Governor: Mrs Tracey Johnson


Full name: Tracey Johnson
Category of Governor Staff
Appointed By Elected by staff
Term of office/date elected 17/09/2018 - 16/09/2022
Committees I am a member of Curriculum
Relevant business interests – involvement in governance of any other educational establishments None
Pecuniary interests (material interests arising from relationships between governors and/or governors and staff including spouses, partners, close relatives) None
Relevant skills and expertise you are bringing to the role of governor. I am committed to the role of Governor and attend meetings regularly, I believe I have good communication skills, a professional working knowledge of our school and the education system and an excellent relationship with staff.
Why I wanted to be a Governor My name is Tracey Johnson and I have been teaching for 11 years. I have worked at St Barnabas for five years now.  I first came to the school as a class teacher and became SENCO the following year.  I have now been a SENCO for four years which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I am really proud and excited to have been voted as Staff Governor and I look forward to working alongside the rest of our governing body to ensure great outcomes for our children.