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Physical Education Challenges & Overview

Butterflies 10 minute run

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Year 3 tried to run continually for 10 minutes without stopping!

Workout of the week


This weeks challenge is a nice and simple one – simply get running! If you can, ask an adult in your family to go for a run with you and time how long you can run for without stopping. You don’t have to go fast – a nice gentle jog is fine. See how long you can jog for and record your time. You can go for a big long run once or you can do lots of smaller runs in the week. If you can’t get out and about with an adult perhaps you could run in your garden or even run on the spot in your house if you need to! As per normal send me your running times and any pictures or videos.


Remembrance Day workout

Charlotte from Ladybirds

Isabella from Snowdrops

Josh from Daisies

Mountain challenge!

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Climb as many flights as you can over the next 10 days. See below for how many flights equals which mountain! Climb slowly and safely - this is not about speed but endurance!

Climbing targets

Georgina from Butterflies

Super Sidwell sisters! Esther and Nina

Stefan from Ladybirds

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Some great skipping by Stefan -well done!

Riyad Rahi from Daffodils

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Riyad knocking out a very impressive set of press ups! 💪🏽 Also a great overall time of 2 minutes 38!

Faha Haider from Butterflies

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Faha managed a very impressive time of 3 minutes and 7 seconds! You nearly beat me Faha 😉

Charlotte Bull Ladybirds

Skipping and press ups challenge

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50 skips
10 press ups
50 skips
10 press ups
50 skips
10 press ups
50 skips
10 press ups

Leah from Butterflies wins burpee challenge!

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Well done to Leah for getting the most burpees in the challenge and a big well done to everyone who entered!

Lexi Richmond

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Well done Lexi - a great effort!

Charlotte from Ladybirds

Well done Charlotte’s mum Helen for completing 25 burpees. Top of the parent leaderboard so far!!
Well done to Elnathan from Butterflies with 30 burpees!
Well done Zoha a very good result of 34 burpees!

Leah from Butterflies

Hiba from Ladybirds

Weekly Fitness Challenge

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Every week we will upload a challenge for you to complete at home. Please send in your results, videos, pictures to
Videos will be posted on Sunday and you will have until 5pm on the following Sunday to complete the challenge.
We will let you know the top results for each year group and give a shout out to anyone we see making improvements and giving a special effort! Achievements will be celebrated here on the website but also in the school newsletter and star assemblies on Friday afternoons.

P.E. Mission Statement and Aims


In PE we intend that our curriculum will allow the staff and pupils to:


            B                Challenge themselves and push their comfort zones in all physical activities. Try new sports and go beyond the                                                         boundaries of what they believe they are capable of.


             L                 Develop the skills, knowledge and habits needed to live a fulfilling, healthy life, makeing the most of their physical gifts                                          - “No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame to grow old without seeing the                                             beauty and strength of which the body is capable." Plato

            U                 Know that anyone can participate and achieve at sport no matter their race, gender, religion or disability. Everyone can and                                  should be able to access all P.E. lessons at a level appropriate to them.


            E                  Understand what is possible (what excellent looks like) and show them how to achieve it.


            S                  Know the benefits that physical health has for mental and spiritual well-being.


            K             Know:


  • The basic movement patterns and to know how and why they are applied to different sports.
  • The key skills and tactics that apply to specific sports.
  • The importance of leading a healthy life and know the lifestyle choices that impact upon health.
  • That competition is a key aspect of sport and know how to compete fairly, showing good sportsmanship.
  • The basic swimming strokes, the key elements of water safety and self-rescue.
  • To know how to be safe while participating in all sports including water sports.


           Y                Enjoy sport and physical activities for the fun they provide.



In the P.E. curriculum pupils will cover a variety of units that allow them to experience a broad range of different sports and physical activities that allow them the chance to explore what their physical capabilities are and what they can achieve both individually and being part of a team.

Low stakes assessment throughout each unit will demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired by the pupils, progressive vocabulary will be taught and revisited in units ensuring the pupils develop a bank of words and terminology to describe their physical activities.


We aim that children :

  • Have access to high quality PE lessons
  • Learn in a positive and safe environment
  • Are educated on the long-term health benefits of physical activity
  • Learn positive feedback around sport and fitness participation
  • Meet their own individual needs
  • Have access to a diverse range of sports and dance subjects
  • Be supported by positive and professional role models/teachers/coaches
  • Learn the importance of exercise on the body and mind
  • Be involved in an all-inclusive environment
  • Be Provided with moderate to vigorous actively levels within PE lessons in line with government recommended targets