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Parent Representative Governor: Mr Timothy Scarth

Parent Representative Governor: Mr Timothy Scarth



Full name:

Timothy Scarth

Category of Governor

Parent Governor

Appointed by
Parent appointed by GB/board due to no election candidates

Term of office/date elected

09/10/2019 -


Committees I am a member of

Pay Resources Premises, H&S

Relevant business interests – involvement

in governance of any other educational establishments


Pecuniary interests (material interests arising from

relationships between governors and/or governors

and staff including spouses, partners, close relatives)


Relevant skills and expertise you are bringing to the role of governor.

My career background is in both finance and IT. I worked for many years at a high-street bank & I currently work for a national IT firm as a Project Manager and Service Manager. In this role I have worked providing technology & IT to many schools in & around The Midlands. My particular strength at work is getting things done, I manage a team of people across the UK and I rarely fail to deliver what I set out to do. I take a great amount of pride in delivering things on time and within budget.

Why I wanted to be a Governor

As the parent of two children at St Barnabas, nothing is more important to me than the opportunity to have a positive impact on their education and that of the other children at the school. I believe in the ethos and values of the school and I want to do my part in improving the chances of our children by having an amazing education.