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PSHE (Including RSE, Rights Respecting School Award and No Outsiders)

At St Barnabas, we have adopted the Jigsaw curriculum. Jigsaw is a mindful approach to PSHE and a comprehensive scheme of learning. It integrates personal, social, health and economic education with an emphasis on emotional literacy, mental health and SMSC, especially spiritual development. It also covers all the statutory aspects of RSE.

Rights Respecting School Award

We have been awarded the Bronze level for the RRSA and we are continuing our journey to achieve silver and then gold. As part of that journey we would really like some parents/carers to join our steering group to help us work towards the award. The RRSA was discussed at the parent consultation carried out in September, the presentation used can be seen below and you can find more information out about the award here.



No Outsiders

The Equality Act of 2010 was an important piece of legislation that made clear that all people should have equal rights, including the right to education and opportunities. The No Outsiders scheme uses picture books to explore equality and related issues and is taught as part of our wider PSHE curriculum. You can visit the No Outsiders website here.

First Aid

As part of the PSHE curriculum, in Key Stage 2, we also deliver First Aid lessons. Using the pathway from St John's Ambulance, as seen above, we ensure all pupils are given lessons throughout their time in Key Stage 2 covering all the areas of learning, with a chance to revise them all at the end of Year 6. Further information on the lesson plans an resources we use can be found here.
RSE Consultation Information and Feedback 

The information used during and feedback received from the consultation carried out with parents/carers in September 2019 was overwhelmingly positive and all the comments received can be seen below:


I’m really impressed how the school approach this. I agree it’s very important people are always encouraged to be themselves and never bullied for it. I particularly like how the ‘age appropriate’ approach gives the kids what they need at the right time.


Brilliant, I am so happy that this is being taught.


I thought it was fantastic and just a shame that it felt like the whole time you were having to justify the amazing education that our children will receive.


Excellent presentation and gave me food for thought. People are different and I wish my child to grow up knowing this and respecting all.  I hope Black History week comes back in to school not as a day or afternoon as I think this part of the jigsaw is getting smaller. Very informative session. Well done!


I think parents can’t have an opinion, they will get shot down the minute they open their mouths. Slight concerns that you will stop promoting heterosexual relationships and families and children will start to look at mom, dad and child as wrong.


Thank you for explaining the program. We agree that children should be taught all the things discussed at the age appropriate manner.


I came in almost ‘livid’ that schools thought these teachings were appropriate. I’m leaving feeling absolutely amazed at how many different levels/subjects my child will be learning. I feel like Miss Arnold will be amazing at bringing this well needed education to our children. Thanks so much for the meeting x.


Very informative meeting, reassuring to know what and how issues are being taught.


The presentation was great and very clear. I am very happy that all these subjects will be approached in an age appropriate way. I want open-minded children and these things to be the norm and not to feel different or excluded but bullied. Well done!


This session was really useful and informative – I have learnt things I didn’t know before or things I was worried as a parent on how to approach it with my kids.



I thought Miss Arnold delivered the RSE meeting wonderfully, explained well and put my mind at ease.  


This consultation has put me at ease that what is being taught is age appropriate.


I find Miss Arnold’s passion for the subject very reassuring.


Fantastic!! Very informative, I think the children will really benefit from this. I hope everybody is as passionate about this as Miss Arnold!


Great talk. I feel really happy that these conversations are taking place in the hope that all children feel accepted and included regardless of their life choices or family circumstances.


Brilliant – helps prevent bullying and mental health concerns/illnesses.


Useful to hear that it is about normalising difference.


Below are some of the comments/ideas received from the year 5 & 6 pupils who were part of the consultation process:


When asked about the resources for Jigsaw 97% of pupils said that they thought they were good or really good.


Nearly 80% of pupils thought it is important to learn about Children’s Rights.


When asked, ‘What are the most important things to learn about?’ pupils responded:


Learning about our religions.

Where babies come from because it is very interesting.

Sex Education

Choices in Life

Children’s Rights

RSE cause you can know what is happening to yourself.

Body Images

The rights of a child and people caring for you, also me being safe at school

Pupil Feedback