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Online Learning Plan

Online learning


This is a new and exciting time for St Barnabas. We are working hard to implement a number of new strategies to develop and increase our capacity for online and home based learning. We are planning for a range of circumstances to ensure that children receive their opportunity to learn when they are unable to attend school.


Home learning packs

If a child is well but has to remain at home whilst waiting for a test or is well but required to self-isolate for two weeks, a home learning pack can be requested by contacting the school office. Packs will be sent out by post to your home address.


Software and online platforms

If a school bubble is self-isolating because of an outbreak of Coronavirus, teachers will set appropriate work in line with our current curriculum, supplemented by a range of trusted resources and online platforms. In these circumstances, an online timetable for each year group can be found in Online Class Pages.


UPDATE January 2021 School Closure

Following the Government announcement on 4th January 2021, the school is closed to all children apart from those who have been offered a place in our critical key worker provision. Remote learning arrangements are now in place for all other children. Please see the below timetable for live lesson times and also consult our class pages for the daily timetable of live learning and pre-recorded lessons.


Class Email Addresses

During this new period of lockdown, we have created class email address for you to communicate directly with teachers and send completed work, please see below. These email addresses are only in use during this period of remote learning and are not otherwise monitored. During normal school learning and attendance, please contact the office to arrangement an appointment with your child's teacher.


Learning Platforms

The core platforms that we use are:


Oak Academy:  The online lessons are free to all and offer high-quality video lessons that children can access physical teaching from a teacher and then access work relating to that lesson within the same website. There are hundreds of lessons that fit with our current curriculum and lessons that are specifically aimed at children with SEND needs and requiring additional support.


Spelling shed, Maths Frame, Purple Mash and TT rockstars:  will all be utilised to support the acquisition and retention of basic core skills. These online subscriptions are accessible for to all pupils- every child has a personalised log on for these resources.  Copies of logins will be sent home for those who have misplaced them.


Reading plus and Active learn: KS1 can access a wide range of books through ActiveLearn. This is a great resource that brilliantly combines an online reading world with print books. KS2 have access to Reading Plus which helps to develop the fluency and comprehension skills which children need to be successful readers. Copies of logins will be sent home for those who have misplaced them.


MS Teams: we are in the process of implementing MS Teams and will be using this alongside set classwork. In an event of a bubble lockdown, we will be using Microsoft Teams for a 'Morning Greeting'. Every morning at 9:30am, your child's teacher  will  'go live' and give children a run through of the day and set expectations. To access Teams, children have been given their own email address. Please note: during remote learning teachers will monitor the class email accounts and this will be become the primary method of contact. However, while the school is open, all enquiries should be sent to as normal. If you are not familiar with Teams, please read the guide below.



Live Session Timetable 

Please see below for details of when live learning will take place for your child. All sessions are recorded and can be accessed via MS Teams at any time to fit around sibling learning commitments.



Morning Greeting

Live Lesson

Oak Academy lesson

Live lesson


Oak academy


Year 1, 3 and Year 5

8:45- 9:00







Year 2, 4 and Year 6

9:15- 9:30














Live Session


Greeting & Phonics

Follow up






Reading Time





Live Session



Follow up














Live Session online

Farewell – Story, songs, games






Collective Worship











Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5








Microsoft Teams


Teams is how we will deliver online live lessons. Here is a useful guide to help you learn how to use teams. We are always on hand to help and support you so please get in touch if you need further assistance.

Remote learning

Pupils need to self-isolate because someone in their household is symptomatic or tests positive

Pupils are well but are waiting for a test

School  role

Parental role

A home learning pack will be posted to your home address. To request a pack contact the school office by phone, emailing  or filling in the form below.


If assistance or support is needed, an email to enquiry address is the most appropriate way to directly discuss work with your child’s teacher.

Support your child in engaging with the learning provided by school.


A parent to ensure a test has been taken at the earliest convenience and the results are communicated to school quickly.

Bubble closure

School role

Parental role

Children will receive work via the ‘Online Class Pages’ section of the school website. An online timetable will be posted with links to online platforms. There will be opportunities for children to join in with 'live lessons', to discuss work and receive feedback from their teachers through MS Teams.


Please note: if your child does not have access to the internet or a suitable device, a home learning pack can be requested. However, it is important we work with families to ensure they access to high-quality teaching.

Support your child in engaging with the learning provided by school.


A parent to ensure a test has been taken at the earliest convenience and the results are communicated to school quickly.





Request a home learning pack here

You can use this form to request a learning pack in the event that you child is required to self isolate at home. However, the best way to learn at home if you have internet access is go to the class page and follow the online learning timetable. In respect of Spring 2021 lock down, learning packs will only be supplied to those who have no access to the internet or to a device on which to access online learning. If you require a home learning pack, please fill in the form below. Please include: your child's name, year group and home address.