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MFL Intent Statement

As per National Curriculum requirements, we teach French as our modern foreign language of choice from years 3-6. However, in recognition of the need to expose pupils to foreign languages from a young age, we introduce pupils to other modern foreign languages and cultures, including basic greetings and numbers (including French) which supports an efficient transition between key stage one and key stage two.


Intent - BLUESKY

B – We expect pupils to actively participate in language lessons and never to be afraid to try for fear of ‘getting it wrong’.

L – To know that language has been passed down through generations and changes over time

U – Everyone is involved. Everyone has a right to be here and we should celebrate each others' cultural and linguistic heritage.

E – We want our students to be able to apply their knowledge of French in practical situations and experience the satisfaction of knowing they can make themselves understood in a foreign language.  

S – Remember that we are all God’s children. Be kind, even when others get things wrong.

K – Learning includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. Grammar is also interwoven throughout topics.

Y – We want to encourage pupils' curiosity; lessons are intended to be fun and engaging and include songs and games.

Our French Scheme

We use the scheme CGP Salut! to deliver our French lessons. The scheme uses an excellent mix of vocabulary exploration, verbalisation, written and song practice to embed the new words the pupils will learn.


We complete two units of work each year in Key Stage 2 classes:

Year Group

Autumn Unit

Spring Unit

Year 3

Core 1

Core 2

Year 4

Core 3

At school

Year 5


On holiday

Year 6

In France

The future