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In addition to Risk Assessement and the letter from Mr Craig and I, here are some FAQ responses covering some of the common questions being asked at the moment. As you know we are always on hand to try and help but right now are exceptionally busy. Therefore, if you do have a question to ask, I urge you to read the guidance and check the website before getting in touch, as quite often the answers can be found there. 


I have more than one child at St Barnabas, what do I do about staggered drop off and pick ups? 

In the morning, drop all of your children off together at the time slot for the latest sibiling. In the afternoon, please try to stick to your time slots failing which collect all siblings at the latest time slot. Children learn right up to the end of the day, we therefore cannot allow children to be picked up at the earliest sibling slot. The bubble system and staff availability also means that we cannot facilitate this. Time slots can be found in the parent information booklet:

Will the children still be getting toast? 

Unfortunately, Government guidance constraints mean that we cannot offer toast to the children. Please make sure that you child has breakfast at home before they come to school. 


Why do adults need to wear face coverings on site?

The current Government guidance is that in areas where you cannot socially distance from those around you at 2m, then 1m+ should apply. The + means that you have to take an extra measure, such as wearing a face covering. We have over 400 children in school and although staggered finish times has helped to regulate the flow of traffic, we still have a lot of parents/carers on site. We therefore cannot guarantee social distance at 2m and require you to wear a face covering. Ultimately, we desperately want to avoid a situation where we have to close or where children need to isolate for 14 days at home and are trying to do everything we can to keep our pupils healthy, in school and learning.


What can my child bring in to school? 

We cannot use lockers so please do not send your child in with bags or PE kits. They just need a coat or jacket, a labelled water bottle and, if they are not having a school dinner, their packed lunch. It is really important that you are well prepared for the day and do not forget water bottles as we again do not have the facility to drop forgotten items to class nor can we have cups in class like we usually do. Each child will have a zip wallet in class with all of the items that they need for the school day, such as pencils and pens. They do not need a pencil case. 


Should I send my child to school every day in trainers? 

Yes, please send the children to school in trainers and NOT school shoes. 


Can I still get pastoral support from Mrs Haynes? 

Absolutely! Mrs Haynes is available to offer help and support with a multitude of issues from money worries to parenting advice and everything in between. If you have financial worries, are having problems with uniform or just need someone to talk to, please get in touch. The best way to contact Mrs Haynes is by email. We know that there will be many families in need of our help and support, so please be patient with us whilst we work our way to your email:


I am thinking of taking my children out of school for a holiday in term time or where they will miss time in class due to a quarantine period. What will happen with school? 

Our advice will always be to avoid time off during term whenever possible. This is even more important at the moment as the children have missed such a great deal of schooling. A normal approach to absence during term time will resume this term and avoidable time off during term may result in a fine. The best advice is to avoid term time holidays. 


My children did before or after school sport clubs last year. When will these return? 

At the moment we are not able to offer our usual before school and after school sport clubs. Shining Stars is available for childcare at a cost, any enquiries should be put to 


I have a Year 5/6 pupil who I want to walk home alone. How do I tell you about this? 

We are just completing housekeeping on parentmail. Once this is done, a form will be sent on parentmail for your to give your consent for this.  


I’ve seen on social media that my child could be taken to a secure location and detained and I’m really worried about this. Is it true? 

Absolutely not! There are lots of ‘fake news’ stories like this circulating at the moment causing unnecessary anxiety. Please disregard them as we absolutely would not do this.