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Year 6 Residential Information 2021

At St. Barnabas CofE Primary School we encourage children to develop skills past just those taught in class. We have a focus on developing the whole child and not just their maths, writing and reading skills. As part of this development we run a number of after school clubs and extra activities.


School Clubs:


We offer a variety of before and after school clubs extending children the opportunity to try new sports, develop new hobbies and be creative. These are renewed every term and we work very hard to offer as many children as possible the chance to get involved.



Choir: We are very passionate about singing and have two choir groups that children can get involved in. For more information, please have a chat with the school office.


School Trips:



At St. Barnabas Primary School we enrich the curriculum through a variety of trips throughout the year. We arrange trips to educational places related to current topics, Religious Education or exciting experiences. We also ensure that children attend a residential whilst at the school to help develop their independence skills and develop their classes team working.



Football Trials


Please see leaflet for Erdington and Saltley Primary Schools’ FA District Football Trials