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Through our Christian ethos and values we hold dear, we are creating roots to grow and wings to fly

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St. Barnabas takes an active role within the local and global community. This is especially reflected in the charities we support. Some of events are organised by the school, however both staff and children alike organised their own events supported by the school.




As a school we run yearly events that support ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Red Nose Day’. These days usually involve dressing up in some exciting way. This year we dressed in spots for ‘Children in Need’.



As part of our Autumn Harvest celebrations this year we looked at how in other countries some people don’t have access to a toilet. The children filled toilet roles with coins and decorated them in unusual ways. They made enough money to fund 20 toilets in Africa.

In October this year we ran a drive to collect food and child care resources to help fill a container for the families of Syria. The children and parents really showed their generosity and several collections had to be made by Hope for Humanity.



Several children in Year 5 were inspired to raise some money for Cancer Research UK. They organised and advertised their own cake sale. They made over £100 for the charity and dropped it off at our local shop in person.



A number of staff are currently in training for a ‘Race for Life’ event later this year. They have been busy going to the gym and slowly running longer distances.