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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador's film

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We have been lucky enough to have some training on Anti-Bullying by Mr Craig. Six children from Years 3-5 have been  chosen, and trained to be anti-bullying ambassadors.


The group meet regularly to talk about practical ideas and top tips to prevent bullying and ensure everyone feels safe and happy at our school.

Myla's poster about what you need to be to be an Anti-bullying Ambassador

What is bullying?


'Bullying is not like bumping into someone, it's like calling people names and hurting the same people everyday.' Ollie.


'Bullying is being mean constantly-calling names, kicking and hurting repeatedly.' Noah.


'Bullying is where someone calls you names and makes fun of you.' Primrose.


'Bullying is when someone is being mean and picking on you. You should never hurt someone as that will make them sad.' Harris.


'Bullying is being mean to someone and calling them names and you can hurt someone.' Zac.


'Bullying means that someone may say your shoes are horrible over and over again. Someone who does a mean thing lots of times to someone is bullying. The person will then feel sad. Myla.

A parents' guide to bullying