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Extra Curricular Activities

At st. Barnabas CofE Primary School we encourage children to develop skills past just those taught in class. We have a focus on developing the whole child and not just their maths, writing and reading skills. As part of this development we run a number of after school clubs and extra activities.


School Clubs:



Football Club: On Monday after school an external agency runs a KS2 football club. The children love playing football and have enjoyed our recent involvement in football matches. This club is paid for by contributions from parents.


Gymnastics Club: On Tuesday mornings one of our staff runs a gymnastics club for KS1 children. They enjoy an opportunity to be active early and get invigorated ready for their school day.


Sports Clubs: On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the school’s sports coaches run before and after school clubs for different age groups. The coaches rotate the sports and the age groups throughout the year. Please contact the school office to find out about these different clubs.



Choir: After School, on a Monday, Mrs. Martin runs a KS2 school choir. This has only recently been set up, however they are doing very well. We are looking forward to a first performance soon.


School Trips:



At St. Barnabas Primary School we enrich the curriculum through a variety of trips throughout the year. We arrange trips to educational places related to current topics, Religious Education or exciting experiences. We also ensure that children attend a residential whilst at the school to help develop their independence skills and develop their classes team working.


Why not visit our trips Blog by following the link below.